About Keen Organizers


Keen Organizers is a team of young, vibrant, professionals with a keen sense of organization and passion for what they do. We are meticulous in nature and constantly go above and beyond our clients’ expectations to get the job done. Keen organizers was formed by a young adult who utilizes her skills, experiences and expertise to offer a variety of virtual services.


Cheryce Edie-Lester of Montego Bay has been working in the administrative field for over eight years. Like most of our clients, we value flexible schedules and are driven to provide a superb customer experience. Our combined pool of skills includes; Customer Service, Administration and Data Operations, to name a few.


Keen Organizers offer various administrative exceptional services at an affordable cost. Our goal is to provide effective, efficient and affordable services to the professional diaspora. We bring a fresh, vibrant feel to administration, we help you realize that “admin” is not just a boring, repetitive job filled with papers, but that it can be exciting and rewarding with the use of super cool, money-saving applications, that are user-friendly and fun to use. And might we add, we turn challenges into opportunities!


Mission statement:

Aim to provide excellent and efficient administration through cyberspace.


Core Qualities:

T – Talented

E – Effective, efficient and exceptional

A – Attitude for positive results

M – Meticulous


We are conveniently located Online. We have worked with clients locally and overseas and continue to strive for excellence; hence, world-class services are a MUST!


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Address: Online| Jamaica

Phone #: 876-330-4065

Email: keenorganizer@gmail.com

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